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Bike-Hod bicycle trailer

Bike-Hod bike trailer
Bike-Hod City Classic

The Bike-Hod is a lightweight bicycle trailer that is simple to attach to any bike.

The Bike-Hod is entirely hand made in England, barring the wheels which are from a fantastic company called Roland in Germany (we are the UK distributors for their bicycle trailers and wheels).

In the near future we will be releasing a Bike-Hod with wheels manufactured by the amazing Cliff at Royce UK (he handmade components for Chris Boardman's world famous hour record bike).

The new Bike-Hod frames, tow arms and hitches are individually handmade entirely of stainless steel and will last a lifetime. No two Bike-Hods are the same.

The bags are made for us by Carradice in the UK by hand also. They are constructed from duck cotton which is completely waterproof.

Bike-Hod Shopper bicycle trailer
Bike-Hod bicycle trailer, hitched to a Brompton folding bicycle

We are currently going to offer three versions of the Bike-Hod. They are as follows:

Bike-Hod: 12 inch sealed bearing wheels with Kenda pneumatic tyres, duck cotton Carradice bag in black with reflective strips and red piping. Price £399.

Bike-Hod City Classic: 16 inch wheels built with sealed bearing hubs, stainless steel spokes, alloy rims and Schwalbe Big Apple tyres. This model has a lovely Carradice Duck cotton bag with leather piping, classic buckles and a leather Carradice badge sewn to the front of the bag. Price £599.

Bike-Hod Prestige: Details and price to be announced.


  • Patented hitch attaches in seconds and keeps trailer stable
  • Towarm can be swivelled round for storage
  • Very light with large load capacity
  • Ideal for shopping
  • Useful as a hand-cart or shopping trolley off the bike

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